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Open Garden - Plant & Metal Garden Ornament Sales

Thanks for visiting! Slowly adding some plants for sale to online store.  


120 Viewbank Rise

Lovely Banks 3213

Victoria, Australia


Sue Davis

0438 297 986


Open Garden - Plant &

Metalwork Sales

By appointment only.

(Group bookings welcome -

Morning or Afternoon tea supplied) $8 Adults

Call Sue 0438 297 986



suealoe is currrently going to markets most Sundays. Look at Instagram and Facebook on a Saturday evening when it will be announced which Sunday market will have a suealoe stall.

Regularly attending Daylesford Market  and Queenscliffe Market at present and then larger market days like the Ballarat Begonia Festival, Bendigo Easter Fair, Ballarat Spring Festival & Horsham Spring Festival. Will also announce booked future markets in the upcoming events tab.

Upcoming events:

At Queenscliffe Community Market Monday 27th December, 2021.

At Daylesford regularly.

Look at Instagram and Facebook on a Saturday night(late) when I post if I am going to a Sunday market.

Keep watching for more details. 


Completed in 2020 this aviary now provides a paradise for Finches, Native Budgies, Canaries, Small Parrots and other small birds.  Breeding has begun and the numbers are multiplying creating a beautiful sight to see and admire such colorful and captivating birds.

Items for sale

Webstore currently has a few items for sale in it. Paypal and credit card functions are now working.  Please note that express post is currently being used due to Australia Post problems I have recently experienced with parcels taking up to 5 weeks to get to destination!

Please note large or heavy items are to be collected and not posted.

Call Sue 0438 297 986 to order/purchase plants & metal products if you wish to do it in person. Payment can be made over the phone by credit card or transferred online. Lots more available at Lovely Banks. Come for a drive.


Visits: Please note you must call 0438 297 986 before coming to Lovely Banks to ensure Sue will be home.  


At the suealoe garden, we offer groups Guided Tours around the 1 Hectare of stunning, textured, colorful garden beds accompanied with morning or afternoon tea. For $8 each, it is a bargain to visit Sue and Jim Davis' oasis. Extensive grouping of plants in the garden gives such an impact when entering the property. With an extremely large collection of plants to view, there is also oasis homes for animals - Enormous Bird Aviary & Large Cattery both adjoining to the house along with an orchard nearby with a collection of chickens roaming around the fruit trees. Bird life has certainly increased since the aviary housing finches, canaries, native budgies and other small birds was completed in January, 2020. Finches, Parrots, Black Cockatoos, Honeyeaters, Magpies, Mudlarks, Wattle Birds, Willy Wagtails & Wrens are just a few of the birds who live or regularly visit suealoe. During the warmer months it is obvious the birds are after water, hence the pond always has birds around it as do the many bird baths located on the property. A large range of Natives, Cacti, Succulents,Trees and Shrubs are here ready to be viewed as you stroll through this spectacular garden. Aloes, Agaves, Acacias, Eucalypts, Correas, Grevilleas, Banksias, Callistemons, Hakeas, Cleistocactus, Echinopsis, Echinocactus, Epiphyllums, Bromeliads, Pond plants, & Bulbs are just a few of what is planted here. Visitors generally spend 30 - 90 minutes admiring the large range of plants that cover the 1 Hectare - 3 Acres. Crushed concrete paths makes easy access to most parts of the garden.

Lots of garden ornaments on display throughout the property. Some welded ornaments, originally purchased from the late Greg Baker who sadly passed away, are the reason Sue decided she was going to weld her own ornaments. Hence lots of her work is now displayed in the garden and for sale at markets and Not only are there welded garden ornaments for sale, there is also a large range of plants available most of the year. Cuttings are also available on request.

Only 70 kilometres from Melbourne makes it a short drive to visit an oasis. This beautiful garden has been created and is maintained by Sue and Jim. Sue designs and does the gardening whilst Jim assists with heavy items and does the building constructions (Aviary, Cattery, Chook enclosure etc.)

Several seats/benches/rock platforms are located throughout the property to allow you to rest and admire the garden and appreciate nature at your own pace.

Other gardens/nurseries within reach of suealoe are The Geelong Botanic Gardens, Roraima Nursery, Lara , Yarrabee Native Garden, Lara & The Kevin Hoffman Native Walk Lara.

Phone Sue 0438 297 986 for bookings. You will not be disappointed if you love gardens, animals and walking around natural scenery.